Working out to music

For me, one of the most important pieces of exercise equipment is my ear buds.

The ability to listen to whatever songs I want is how I motivate myself.

I really don’t know if I could last through an hour workout without music. I certainly couldn’t stand to go for a six mile run without my music. I like to block out all exterior noise. The music helps to focus my thoughts away from everyday issues and focus on the workout. With the right music playing, I get into the exercise routine and push myself harder. No matter what style of workout I do, or what type of equipment I use, I always rely on my earbuds. Whether I’m at the gym, on a run or riding my bike, I listen to music. Two day a week, I focus on weight lifting. For those sessions, I have a playlist that is mostly heavy metal. They are slower, heavier songs with a lot of bass. They are perfect for concentrating on strength training. Three days per week are all about cardio exercise. I might spend an hour jumping rope. I like faster paced music for that. When I go through stretches, ab crunches and static holds, the music program is a little more varied. I even have a holster on the handlebars of my bicycle for my phone. I strap my bluetooth speaker next to it and can listen to much on my bike rides. I enjoy it so much. I tend to sing along and always get a better workout when there’s music involved.
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