Without the air conditioner, the pet shop smelled really bad

I got a new puppy on Friday afternoon and I decided to take the puppy to the pet shop so we could pick out a leash, a bed, and a few puppy toys.

I went to the large pet store across the street from the mall.

The place has everything that you might need for pets including toys, food, bedding, and vitamins and supplements. They also have several pets for sale inside of the store. They sell fish, birds, reptiles, and a few small rodents. When my puppy and I arrived at the store, there was a pink poster board on the front door with black words that said NO AC in the building. I really wanted to get the items from the store, so I decided to go indoors.When I walked inside, I was surprised by the cool indoor air temperatures. I honestly thought it would be a lot warmer due to the lack of air conditioning. The biggest problem inside of the pet shop was the smell. Without the air conditioner, the pet shop smelled really bad. I know they clean the shop every day, but the smell was almost unbearable. I picked up the couple of items that I needed and I immediately went to the register. I would have stayed for a while and browsed the entire selection, but without the air conditioner and air filtration system, the indoor air quality wasn’t very good. The place smelled more like a barn than a retail store. I guess that was the biggest reason for the bright pink sign on the front doors.



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