We own a farm and the heating and cooling plan is hard to maintain

Since our partner and I inherited his dad’s immense dairy farm operation last year, we’ve l earned many things, but first of all, farming is hard; Of course, all the people already suppose that, however it’s a dirty, hot, and sweaty task in the summertime, we have to be careful when it comes to cooling the creatures off in the summer.

When the temperature gets too hot, you can lose some creatures due to the heat, that constantly worries me, because I suppose that if you have creatures die from overheating, your farm business is really going to suffer as a result.

We have l earned another thing, and that’s that trying to plan for heating, ventilation & A/C in farm buildings is a genuinely hard thing to do. First of all, you never really suppose what the weather is going to be around here, sporadically you need to run the oil furnaces and heating units in the barns early in the afternoons, but then by the middle of the morning, the temperature heats up in a immense way. Of course, when the temperature outside gets way too hot, that’s also terrible for the creatures, however not only is it terrible for the creatures when the temperature is too hot, but it’s terrible for us too. We hate working outside on afternoons when it’s super cold in the afternoons and super warm in the afternoons. It’s pretty confusing when you have to use the oil furnace and the on the exact same morning. Not only that, but it makes you have a really high-priced heating, ventilation & A/C bill!

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