The stockroom was terribly warm and very uncomfortable

Last Friday night there was inventory to count at work and I had to stay late to help.

I don’t prefer inventory, but everyone that works for the company has to help.

When we all work together, it only takes a couple of hours to finish all of the work. The maintenance team forgot that we had to stay late for inventory and they shut off the heating and air conditioning system 1 day left for the day. We were forced to count inventory in the stockroom while the temperatures were extremely uncomfortable. It was terribly warm and the air conditioner didn’t come on the whole time we were counting inventory. I wanted to come up with an excuse so I could leave early, but we were getting paid double time to help with inventory and I didn’t want to lose out on that extra money. After three and a half hours, my co-workers and I finished counting every single piece of inventory and stock in the room. It took some time to count everything, because the inventory includes many different office supplies like pens, paper, markers, post it notes, and even staples have to be counted. My shirt was soaked in sweat by the time we finished for the night and clocked out. When I got into my car to leave for home, I was ready to crash on my bed and go to sleep. When I arrived at my house, I turned the air conditioner down a little bit so it was nice and cold indoors. I took a hot shower and made a really big sirloin steak for dinner.

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