The indoor air quality could have been better

When construction began across the street, I didn’t think the indoor air quality in my office would suffer so badly.

Unfortunately, it seems like the ductwork in this building is very old.

All of the dust and dirt from the construction site have made their way to our office. I’ve had a lot of trouble breathing over the past few weeks. There is a large amount of dust and dirt on all of the surfaces in the office. The computers, fax machine, and copier are probably being damaged due to all of the dust and debris. I was having such a hard time breathing that I had to go to the doctor last week. I thought I was having an asthma attack and the doctor agreed that it was true. The doctor also agreed that the problem was likely due to the construction and all of the dirt inside of the office atmosphere. The day after I went to see the doctor, I decided to meet with my boss and the manager of the department. I told them that I was suffering because of the indoor air quality. I suggested buying an air purifier for the office, but the manager said that was out of the question. I had a note from the doctor suggesting that the indoor air quality was the issue, so the manager had to accommodate me in some way. Instead of purchasing an air purifier so everyone in the office can breathe better, they took me out of the main office and put me in a small room without any windows.

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