The hotel kitchen was closed early because of an AC problem

My wife and I stayed in a hotel for a couple of days.

The place had room service, so we decided to order some items one night when we came back from our evening of fun.

We were tired after a day of hiking and an evening of laser tag and mini golf. I was looking forward to ordering the mini sliders with turkey, beef, and lamb. I saw them on the menu earlier that day, but we already had reservations at a seafood place for dinner. The restaurant and kitchen was supposed to be open until 2 am, so we were going to get the burgers for our late night snack. My wife and I called the kitchen at 11 and no one answered the phone. We called several times and thought there might be an issue with the phone line. I decided to call the front desk. I told the person on staff that I was trying to reach the kitchen to order from the room service menu. The desk clerk informed me that the kitchen was already closed for the night. There was an AC issue in the kitchen so they closed a few hours to work on the problem. I thought it was odd that an AC issue would keep the kitchen closed, but the next morning, room service still was not available. Lots of people must have complained, because there was a credit on our bill when we checked out of the room. They apologized for the inconvenience since we were unable to order room service during our stay and offered to give us a free night at the hotel next time we came to town.



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