The art museum was great until the HVAC system broke down

When I took my family to the art museum recently, we were having a splendid time.

That was until we decided to go have lunch. We were planning on going right back to the museum to view the rest of the art. Well, when we got back, the place suddenly felt overheated and the air quality was quite lacking. I asked what was going on and the worker explained that the HVAC system died and the UV air purification system wasn’t working either. They called an HVAC professional to come out, but he wasn’t going to make it for another hour or so. I knew that I didn’t want to walk the rest of the art museum feeling miserable with no air conditioning. Even the kids seemed devastated, but I told them we could go out and do something else. We did have a pretty nice lunch and I thought they might be happy if I took them all for some ice cream. I was right, they were totally excited about that. When we got to the ice cream parlor, the A/C felt amazing and I felt like we could relax there with our cold treats forever. I told the kids that when we got back home, we could watch a movie or something and they all seemed pretty happy about that. They talked about what movies they wanted to watch and I was surprised when everybody said they wanted to watch Shrek. I mean, it’s a funny movie, but they have watched it so many times. I guess there are certain movies that you just never grow tired of.


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