Riding my bike for a workout

I feel good about my accomplishment

One of my favorite workouts is riding my bike to a nearby athletic field. The ride takes about twenty minutes to reach the field. I have access to a paved bike trail that doesn’t allow motorized vehicles. It’s smooth and safe and winds through the woods. I get to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and often catch sight of squirrels, birds and turtles. My bike seat is comfortable and I’ve got a basket on the front to carry a yoga mat and a sweat towel. I have a holster for a water bottle and one for my phone. I strap a bluetooth speaker to my handlebars and listen to music while I pedal. I spend about forty-five minutes at the athletic field. I take a few minutes to properly stretch my muscles and warm up. I often use the long stretches of sidewalk to run wind sprints. I go through a series of jumps, squats and lunges. Sometimes I spread out the yoga mat and do push ups or ab crunches. The workout targets all different muscle groups and combines cardio with strength training. I enjoy myself so much that I’m always reluctant to quit. I then hop on my bike and ride twenty minutes to get home. I take my shower and then start my day. I feel good about my accomplishment. I know I’ve burned a significant amount of calories and worked my whole body. I feel strong and fit and am always in a better bood. I have more energy for the rest of the day.

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