Nobody thinks the tiny house is a good idea

For the past six months, I have been watching every television show and documentary I can find about tiny houses.

I am convinced that I want to live in a tiny house.

My mom and my sister think it is a crazy idea, but a tiny house is the perfect way to live if you don’t want and need a lot of thanks. I looked at several places that have already been built. I got a lot of really great ideas by looking at the houses. I didn’t know how I was going to heat and cool the house, and I found out that a ductless heating and air conditioning system can work out very well in this type of application. Several of the houses that I viewed used a ductless heating and air conditioning system for heating and cooling. In fact, the ductless heating and air conditioning system can even be hooked up to a solar energy source. This will allow me to spend time off the grid. I’ve been saving money for a while and I have lots of ideas written down on paper. I know that my mom and my sister think the idea is crazy, but it’s just different and out of the ordinary. I have a lot of great ideas and I think the place is going to be fabulous. I picked out some groovy curtains and bedsheets that will give the tiny house a really funky and cool hippie vibe. I’ll be able to travel anywhere I want and still have my home with me at all times.

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