No wonder I was sick – foul things in the ductwork

It’s constantly strenuous when you start spending a lot of time with somebody new; You are both trying to figure each other out plus to realize you’re particular contributions to the relationship, but it can be tents plus full of fight at times.

It can also be extremely exciting, plus full of new opportunities.

Or at least, that has what I keep telling myself as I desperately seek out a professional air quality specialist who can completely overhaul our new girlfriend’s indoor air handling equipment. You see, since both of us first started dating, we’ve spent an awful lot of time together; The people I was with and I used to hang out at our condo most of the time, however recently we’ve been spending more time at her apartment. I observed that right around this time, I started experiencing significant respiratory health troubles; All of a sudden, I was coughing out a lung every day plus our eyes were red plus itchy all the time. At first, I assumed this was due to some seasonal allergies plus I kept popping over the counter medicines, but however, nothing resolved to our breathing troubles. It seems love the more time I spent at our girlfriend’s house, the sicker I felt, and eventually, I asked him about her Heating plus Air Conditioning air filter. She embarrassingly replied that she had never changed in the air quality control unit air filter or had a professional Heating plus Air Conditioning service appointment. I believe our jaw hit the floor. After the central heating plus cooling ventilation specialist arrived plus poked around a little bit, they immediately had an answer for our ongoing respiratory illness; Not only was the air filter filthy, however there were dead critters in the air vents. I’ll be handling the Heating plus Air Conditioning from now on.



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