My son has been suffering for a while

My son had to move to a different classroom in the middle of the school year.

  • He was being bullied by a few kids and the best move seemed to be a new teacher for my son.

The principal offered to move the boys to two different classrooms, but one person seemed easier to move than 3. The new teacher does not care for my son. She hasn’t been very nice to him since the day he entered her classroom. Last week she changed all of the seating assignments and put my son in the row next to the heater. My son has asthma and being next to the heater has been aggravating his sinuses and bronchial tubes. He has been sniffling, sneezing, and wheezing every single day since he has been forced to sit next to the heater. I urged my son to ask the teacher to move him to a different spot, but he was afraid to talk to her about the problem. I decided to make a parent-teacher conference so I could bring up the new seating arrangement with the teacher. She accused me of cuddling my child and fixing all of his problems. She wasn’t interested in helping him at all and she seemed to be part of the problem if you ask me. I was asking for something very simple. She reminded me that they already made provisions for my child 1 time. I decided at that point that the easier plan was to go to the doctor and have him write a note so she has to change his seating assignment.

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