Looking to step into a new career

When the people I was with and I are looking to change jobs entirely there is always investment needed, whether it be in schooling or in savings while you are unemployed and trying to locate a modern task.

In my case I decided to change my job entirely because I did not prefer what I had fallen into after high school was finished… So I decided to make an investment and go to a heating and cooling school to become a certified heat and cooling machine specialist! The cost was not too terrible compared to a proper school, however and the beauty of going to school to become a certified heating and air conditioning professional is that you can go through everything in less than a year.

You can have your Heating, Ventilation and A/C certification and be out there working officially in the heating and air conditioning machine business pretty fast if you can find a task immediately after you graduate. Now, a lot of heating and air conditioning companies occasionally will not be open to hiring fresh heat and cooling system professionals. It all depends on how staffed they are and if they really need more workers. So you will want to look for heating and air conditioning companies that have not been around for too long if you are a brand new Heating, Ventilation and A/C school graduate. This is how it worked out for me to be entirely honest. All the immense heating and air conditioning companies would not even provide me the time of day, let alone a job. Or they simply just stated they were not hiring. I ended up with a task at a heat and cooling machine company that had only been around a very short time, and so far it is fantastic!


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