Learning to love the gym

Too many years of partying finally caught up with me once I hit 40.

It felt like my metabolism slowed down all all at once.

I started gaining weight, feeling fatigued and suffering all sorts of aches and pains. I realized I couldn’t neglect my physical health any longer. I needed to make some big life changes. I had to mentally prepare myself to start on a health and wellness program. I was reluctant to join a gym. I was intimidated by the thought of exercising in public in front of a bunch of people in peak physical condition. However, I knew that a gym membership would hold me accountable. I wouldn’t want to waste the fees, so I’d force myself to keep going. I figured that the pressure of having other people seeing me workout would also encourage me to try harder. Plus, the gym provides access to so much equipment. I could never afford the selection of treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes. I found that I really like the strength training machines. I like to sit down, adjust the weight for my ability and target specific muscles. It was really great to see improvement and be able to add more weight. It took me a while to work up to joining a group fitness class. For the first class, I stood way in the back and was super uncomfortable. I’ve now gotten where I sign up for new types of fitness classes all the time. I choose a spot right in the front. I’ve tried yoga, pilates, spin and circuit training so far. I now spend five to six days a week at the gym for at least an hour. I’ve improved my physical health and confidence, and I’ve made friends. It’s been a great experience.


Personal Trainer

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