It’s essential to maintain your home, especially floor maintenance

For a person who is in real estate, there is one thing in particular I absolutely hate to see, & actually makes the appearance of the dwelling.

That is the flooring… Whether it be the worst choices for flooring, or cheap flooring, if your floor doesn’t look fantastic, then your dwelling won’t look wonderful either.

One of the worst though is neglected flooring. I honestly would almost prefer cheap flooring over that, and a fine example is a nice family property I viewed a few days back. It was a lovely home, & in mostly amazing condition. There was one thing I noticed instantaneously, which is how dull the wood floors truly were. If I were to guess, I suppose the previous owners haven’t had floor stripping service or floor waxing service in a long period of time. Which is a tremendous shame, because it was such an amazing dwelling, but I have seen worse. One of the worst houses I ever saw was also a really nice home, 3 bedroom 2 bath, with a ton of huge windows. When the people I was with and I walked inside, I thought it was very strange to have dark brown carpeting, but I didn’t even think much of it. It wasn’t until the people I was with and I had a carpet cleaning supplier out & cleaning the carpet that the people I was with and I came to see that the carpet was actually a light tan! Since the carpet cleaners couldn’t get all of the stains out, the people I was with and I had the commercial carpet cleaners easily detach & replace the carpet. I hate to consider what those stains were. Anyways, the lesson here is if you have the desire to make your dwelling beautiful, don’t neglect your floors!


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