I hated my math class back in college

Back in college, I was alright with most of my classes except for my math class.

This particular class was located in a section of the building where the A/C system wasn’t working very well. A lot of others complained about having to sweat in class, but the professor said there wasn’t much that could be done. Everybody argued that we could install a bunch of window A/C units or something, but the professor said he was not willing to do all that. I think this guy just enjoyed watching all the students suffer with the total lack of air conditioning. I couldn’t even focus on the work in the classroom and it was hard to understand some of the things we were learning. I had a terribly hard time in that particular course and I ended up retaking the course all over again, but with a different professor who had reasonable temperature control settings. You know, it really makes a big difference when you are genuinely trying to learn. The learning environment is more important than I ever realized in the past. Even back in high school, most of my classes were perfectly comfortable and I think a lot of people took that for granted. Well, you won’t always have a comfortable environment, but at least there are things that can be done, like having the HVAC system checked on. At the school if they had just hired an HVAC professional to come out, I’m sure the issue could have been resolved. Most of us suspected the issue was with a clogged ductwork system.


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