I complained so much the guy sent me home

I don’t know if I had a bad look on my face or not, but I thought he was being harsh

I drank a lot of beers on Thursday night, because I was at the bar watching the football game. By the end of overtime, I had to leave my car in the parking lot and take a cab back to the house. I was a few minutes late for work the next day. My brain felt groggy and fuzzy and felt a little drunk still from the previous evening of drinking. When my boss scheduled me for an all-day HVAC installation, I started complaining. The complaints left my mouth before I had a chance to think. I know my boss hates when people complain about the daily schedule. I didn’t want to spend all day working on the installation job. In fact, I was hoping for a few easy heating or AC repairs so I could get out of there and go home early. It was clear that my boss had something else in mind. I must have had a terrible look on my face, because my boss called me out in front of everyone and told me to go home for the day. I wasn’t even complaining about the HVAC installation job at the time. I don’t know if I had a bad look on my face or not, but I thought he was being harsh. I didn’t get paid that day and my boss gave me a written warning about insubordination. I did get to go home and sleep most of the day, which was a decent consolation prize after a night of drinking and fun. I lost about $150 bucks that day, but I gained eight hours of sleep.

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