Helps to be in shape when remodeling the house

When my husband and I bought our house, it needed a lot of improvements.

  • The former owners hadn’t made any upgrades in at least twenty years.

Everything about the house was the color brown. There was a hideous shag carpet throughout the house and popcorn texture on the ceiling. We pulled out the carpet and laid down porcelain tile. We scraped the popcorn off, skim coated the ceilings with joint compound, sanded and painted. The majority of the walls are constructed of wood and required sanding and painting. It was a huge, time-consuming and labor-intensive project. I workout every single day for at least an hour. I keep myself in peak physical condition. During my exercise program, I thoroughly stretch my muscles and work on range of motion. I always include approximately thirty minutes of high intensity cardio as well as strength training. I go through pushups, ab crunches, mountain climbers, squats lunges and burpees. I often go for a run, ride my bike or jump rope. Putting in long days working on the house was tiring but I could manage it. I didn’t have sore shoulders from working above my head or problems with my knees from squatting down. My husband and I are the same age, but he never works out. His job is quite sedentary and he’s not in great physical shape. He had trouble with the remodeling. He was constantly complaining about sore joints and muscles. He’d get tired and need a break. He’d want to quit early or take a day off. I told him that he needs to focus on improving his physical fitness.


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