Getting some spa services before the big day

My fiance & I were engaged over a year ago. Our plan basically was to elope to a foreign destination, but both of us were going to get pictures taken in exotic landscapes & visit the country. Then instead COVID happened & derailed those plans. Both of us attempted waiting however it had been over a year & we were sick of standing around. Our destination anniversary had to take place within the US. At first we were super bummed, how were both of us going to capture the magic in a local area? You can’t make a destination a few hours away seem exotic. Instead, we opted for an odd experience. Both of us are going to get married after doing a long hike. There are legal weed shops in the destination both of us are at too. Another thing is that there is a body massage salon directly near our hotel. They offer sugar wax, eyebrow threading & all types of massages. We are going to make a day out of it! Since it is early in the trip, I am going to get waxed. I enjoy the thought of not needing to bring a razor & fret about stubble. I plan to get my legs, lady area, & armpits taken care of with either sugaring or waxing. I then want to get my eyebrows threaded. My fiance is totally cool just kneeling down on a table & getting a deep tissue massage. She thinks it could be a rather exciting time for us both. I agree. The anniversary won’t be what both of us thought, however it might turn out even better.
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