Getting free delivery service for online meal order

One of the quickest ways to grab my attention is by offering discounts or a deal of some kind.

My Grandpa taught my dad how to find the best deals and my dad taught me.

At this point, it’s just a habit. I always find myself sorting through the clearance bins, even when I don’t need the items they are selling. I can’t resist a good bargain. Because of this, I have purchased a lot of things I don’t need. Even though I’ve gotten a great deal on the items, I wasted the money on something I didn’t really want. A good example is food delivery service. I learned that the delivery is free if I spend over $30 per week. I like to order food online, so I considered this as another good way to save some money. Most of my meals add up to over $30 anyway. I saw this as an opportunity for free meal delivery. When I place an order for local meal delivery, I am usually eligible for the free service. I order most of my dinners online, and sometimes order lunch meals as well. When the delivery woman arrived, I checked out the meal and was a little disappointed. The meal portions are the size of a kid’s meal. I am not sure that my savings makes the service worthwhile. Spending a little more at a different meal delivery place would provide more food. I am not sure if I’m currently saving any money when I end up still hungry and have to fix myself a snack.

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