After the break-in, we called a video surveillance service.

After five years of saving, my husband and I were finally able to take our honeymoon.

We wanted to go on one of those romantic honeymoons at one of the all-inclusive resorts for adult couples.

When we arrived at the resort, we knew it was going to be the best honeymoon possible, and it was. It was when we got home that we were devastated. Our home had been broken into and ransacked. Nothing had been stolen, but there had been some definite partying going on. Some furniture was broken, bottles were lying everywhere and the beds were a mess. The place was filthy. We called the police and asked if we knew who could have done it? As soon as the police finished blaming us for leaving the house so unprotected, we called a video surveillance service. We wanted to have video surveillance of our home. We thought it would be a good way to watch over our home when we were home and when we weren’t. With video surveillance, we would know exactly who was coming and going. The video surveillance service would have video feed 24 hours a day. Every time someone came on the property, it would set off the motion detector that would call for the video surveillance service to start working. We never found out who trashed our home last year, but we have definitely found out who is coming into our home when we are out. My husband is going to have a not-so-friendly talk with his brother. I have a feeling we’ll find out who trashed our home while we were on our honeymoon.

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