A modern and professional web design can attract new customers

Luckily for them, my good friend works at an online marketing business

As a web designer, I see a lot of beautifully made websites, and a lot of not so good ones. The not so good ones are usually coming from inexperienced business owners, and they are wondering how they could improve their website. These are usually the same people that are completely confused as to why their perfect website isn’t attracting very much attention. I can tell you most of the time it’s because of web design. A lot of business owners want to save money, so they make these websites themselves. Since they don’t know much about making an appealing website, they usually choose all kinds of weird layouts, themes and strange fonts. In the end, this makes their website look like a child created it, and not professional at all, which is the opposite of what they were going for. Then I work with them and make their website look much more modern and professional looking. I also like to add in neat looking transitions and animations to make the website more appealing and 3D. After I help them and they are satisfied with the way their website turned out, they usually ask me for advice on how to advertise their website. Luckily for them, my good friend works at an online marketing business. With his knowledge of digital marketing and other things like SEO and SEM, he can help their business get a boost. With the two of us, we make a great team and have really helped a lot of heating and A/C businesses thrive. There are a lot of air conditioning businesses around here, and I’ve helped 3 separate dealers.

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