Young minds have young ideas

You ever notice it’s generation thinks that they have the best ideas.

This has been going on since the dawn of time and is likely never to change however in some ways this is a good thing.

It is occasionally hard for older generations to listen to younger minds and this can lead to fight in some cases. I am sure most people will agree that speaking with younger people can be aggravating occasionally because they guess that they know it all. Those of us who have lived a few more years and scene both successes and failures in particular areas try to instill this comprehension into younger people however they do not want to necessarily listen. If you guess about it you must admit however that when it comes to technology those that are younger tend to understand it a bit better. This undoubtedly has to do with the fact that they grew up with PCs and using them from a entirely young age, but for this reason all of us depend upon them to develop current component and more efficient HVAC systems. Our supplier hires many engineers and computer programmers to help design these current systems, making them more efficient and more cost-effective… Younger Minds do not have the same constraints as those of us who have been in the industry for twenty plus years and many times their current ideas are entirely effective. I will admit there are occasionally that the ideas are entirely far-fetched and have to be reigned in however they are always worth listening to because you never know when the next good system and HVAC technology will be developed.


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