Yoga helps my golf game

I really enjoy playing golf.

It is a sport that requires focus and calm. I can play with other golfers. I can be surrounded by people yet it is still a one-person pursuit. Golf is all about the swing, concentration & skill. I keep score to compare with whoever I’m playing with, but I am more concerned about competing against my personal best. I play golf with almost any level of player. I usually prefer to play solo. I like the chance to really work on my game and clear my head. I enjoy yoga for the same reasons. With yoga, I can be surrounded by people and follow the guidance of the instructor, but the movements require complete focus & awareness of all parts of my body. I have come to the conclusion that yoga is helping me to improve my golf game. It’s great for my long ball driving game. I use the same cooling off process for both golf and yoga. After a bit of stretching, I sit in the steam room for a few minutes. I don’t have an extensive workout regimen or take a lot of group fitness classes. I don’t run or lift weights. I keep in shape by playing lots of golf and my yoga class once per week. I don’t rent a cart when I golf. I walk the course carrying my bag. I make sure to stretch my muscles before and after. The yog works to keep me strong, flexible and increase range of motion. It’s a good combination that keeps me physically fit.



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