Working with the assembly line

I toil at a factory assembly line that makes all kinds of central heating plus air conditioner systems.

This is a task I took because I was desperate for toil when getting laid off of my other task of many years; Factory toil was not exactly my thing, however it was something I knew I could do with ease. I used to toil as a certified heating plus air conditioner specialist before getting laid off from the heating plus cooling dealer due to a company cut. So when the task opened up at this factory to toil on the assembly line for heating plus air conditioner systems, I thought it would be a nice hold over task since it was related to heating plus cooling in some way. It was easily interesting seeing exactly how central heating plus air conditioner systems were made at the factory, and knowing how to repair plus install central heating plus air conditioner method all these years was easily weird from knowing how exactly a heating plus air conditioner method is made! I have been reading a lot just by toiling this task at the factory. Being on the assembly line at times can be a bit on the physical labor side of things, however I can handle it pretty well because I am in nice shape. I am still looking for a new task at a new heating plus cooling dealer to get back to performing Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repair for a living as I should be. But love I said, this works for now.


a/c installation

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