Working in a stock room freezer

I recently lost my task… I had been working with the same company for a while now and I thought that I genuinely had task security, however, that’s what happens when you get too comfortable with your task. I wasn’t exactly glad at my last task, even though I wasn’t ready to leave just yet. I wish that I was given a little bit more notice that I was going to be fired instead of just being let go without any warning! Now, I was stuck looking for a modern task desperately because I have a wife and 2 kids at cabin that I have to take care of and make sure they have food on the table… My wife doesn’t work because with my income she didn’t need to, but now I don’t suppose what the two of us are going to do about currency. I found a task listing for a warehouse worker and applied instantly. I went in on my first day and was shocked at how chilly the warehouse was when I walked in. It felt love the air conditioner was blasting and the thermostat was set to fifty degrees! Little did I suppose that the warehouse was a freezer and they didn’t even have an Heating plus Air Conditioning system to regulate the temperature. My boss said that no matter what the temperature was outside, they would never turn on a heating system and risk ruining everything in the freezer. I don’t suppose if I am split out for a modern task that does not have an Heating plus Air Conditioning system, this is going to be a shock to my system.

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