We’ve finally reached the end of our HVAC project

Both of us have just finished with a massive remodeling project at our dwelling.

  • We’ve been working on it for the past year as well as a half, as well as the two of us have finally gotten to the point where the two of us can get to the exciting part! It’s finally time to get going with doing the part where the two of us are going to be decorating.

It took way longer than the two of us originally believed it was going to. Both of us particularly ended up having to replace a whole lot of the HVAC duct as well as that cost us a great deal of time. It also caused us a whole lot of trouble because the two of us had to replace the drywall as well as the flooring in the places where the two of us had to put in the new HVAC duct. Working on the ventilation system honestly took more time than anything else the two of us had to do in the dwelling! Both of us had to wait on our Heating as well as Air Conditioning appliance corporation more than once as well as my husband started to get aggravated with them at one point. When the two of us finally got the HVAC ducts in place as well as the sheetrock as well as flooring put back in the way that it was supposed to be, the two of us were so pleased to almost be finished! At this point, now the two of us finally have a properly working heating as well as cooling appliance with HVAC ducts that particularly connect. It’s time to finally start working on the cosmetic part of the remodeling project. I am truly ready to pick out some lovely air registers as well as air vent covers for the dining room as well as the living room. I actually never knew how many different kinds of air registers as well as vent covers there are out there!

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