We just went with window a/c

I live in an area that is known for horrible winter seasons.

  • It is our longest season, with the cold weather just about lasting 9 months of the year.

I see temperatures below freezing, plus it’s not unusual for it to drop to negative 20s in the early winter. The wind chill is positively horrible plus we accumulate approximately 16 feet of snow each year. My weekly heating bills are a drain on the bank account. The furnace carries a very sizable workload and runs consistently, plus the weather keeps my family stuck inside. By the time Spring finally comes, we are excited to open the windows, welcome in a clean breeze plus spend some time outside. I’m excited to lower the control unit and get out from under such high energy bills. I look forward to the sunshine plus heat of the summer. The last thing I want to do is close the windows, start up a central cooling system and spend money on high electric bills. While we endure some high temperatures plus humidity, we don’t spend much time inside the house. I only need to cool the bathrooms and bedrooms down at night. For us, the ideal situation is window cooling systems. For a little over 100 bucks, I was able to buy a compact, lightweight and effective cooling unit at the local improvement store. It took me less than fifteen minutes to install them each. The cooling units come with cordless remotes and allow us adjustable fan speeds.

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