Ventilation system helps with air quality & comfort

Living in an section with weather extremes adds up to high energy bills, but in my home, every one of us rely heavily on the heating system & the air conditioner, then there is seldom mild enough weather to go without either heating or cooling.

I look forward to those rare occasions when I can open the windows & air out the rooms with a fresh breeze, for the majority of the year, I’m worried with energy waste.

I’ve taken all sorts of precautions to prevent the heated or cooled air from leaking outside. I really don’t want to allow the outside air to get inside. I’ve enrolled in a professional repair plan to ensure the heating system & air conditioner continue to operate at peak efficiency. I invest in professional duct inspection & services every five years & update air filters every month. I’ve installed brand new, Energy Star rated windows & added caulk, weatherstripping & extra insulation everywhere possible. The result is a truly tightly sealed lake new home with minimal energy waste… Unfortunately, my efforts have also eliminated natural ventilation, however without usual ventilation there’s all sorts of concerns with air quality, but humidity & contaminants become trapped inside, leading to health problems, plus, the air suddenly starts to aroma musty. I’ve resolved these concerns by installing a heat reusey ventilation system. The ventilator incorporated into the heating/cooling system but operates independently. It runs 2/7 all year long, bringing in fresh air without energy losses, and not only does the ventilator greatly improve the air quality of the home, but it also helps with comfort & heating/cooling costs. In the summer, it combats excessive humidity. In the Wintertide it takes fortune of the stale outgoing air to preheat the incoming air.


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