Trying to deal with holiday HVAC

There is a reason why I like spending the holiday inside my own home.

And it goes back even to childhood. I grew up with a mom who went crazy over the Christmas. It was just so over the top. My dad left when I was young so that meant that I was the one who did all my mom’s holiday bidding. It was something that I would dread having to deal with. My mom practically rearranged the entire house for Christmas. But it was me who got all the stuff down from the attic and moved all the furniture. It was me who replaced all the dinnerware with Christmas themed plates and cups. My mom simply turned up the HVAC and supervised. I ended up hating Christmas. Thankfully, my wife was able to rekindle a spot in my heart for the holidays and I have enjoyed having Christmas at my house. My mom visits and just enjoys without interfering. However, every other year, we have to trek north to my wife’s parents and their HVAC over heated house. I live in the south so I experience a winter that I can mostly live in short and a hoodie. To go north means fighting the elements and I just hate the cold. However, what’s worse is dealing with my in laws and the fact that they keep their house at like 80 degrees the whole winter. I don’t have a clue how they are able to afford the HVAC heating costs. All I know is that I am caught between freezing through and sweating out Christmas at their house.

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