Thought running cleaning business would be easy

My sister and I had consistently thought people who worked for cleaning companies made relatively easy money.

My mother never made complaints about the households she cleaned, and she often commented on the tips she received. My mother would talk about how the people treated her like a member of the family. They would offer their help and even have her sit down to a meal with them. I didn’t actually know about the fact that my mother worked for herself and not for a cleaning company. With all of this in mind, my sister and I thought we should start our own cleaning company. We could hire the people to do all the cleaning and let them keep their tips. We would honestly make a killing by charging our customers twice what we were paying our cleaners. We never even thought that we had to buy the component and supplies for the cleaning company. We didn’t wonder what would happen if a single one of our cleaners couldn’t come in for a particular day. As the owners of the cleaning company, we thought we would do the books and never have to work. This didn’t end up working out this way either. We were working harder than ever. Once we paid wages, taxes, and corporation expenses, we barely made minimum for ourselves. We didn’t put a great deal of thought into our cleaning company. Had we done all of the legwork, we would be asking a whole lot more from our customers than just the minimum. Now, we actually know why we were getting so many customers. We were charging approximately half of what other cleaning companies charge.

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