This female HVAC technician was perfect for me

I’ve been an HVAC technician for a long time, and rarely have I ever met any female HVAC technicians.

  • This was a little while ago when we had a new HVAC technician on the team.

The boss told me I would be getting a new shadow and when I asked who the guy was, he said the name was “Sandy”. I couldn’t believe that we had a female HVAC technician on our team and she was something else. She wanted to know everything there was about heating and cooling machines and all the tricks of the trade. I taught her just about everything I knew and she absorbed everything like a sponge. Serious, she was far better than any male new hire that I ever worked with. She became very competitive with the work as well. She was taking on all kinds of extra hours with emergency HVAC system repair and everything. People were happy that she was taking on a lot of the workload because a lot of people just like to go home and spend time with their loved ones during emergency hours. She just wanted to make as much money as possible because she was saving up for a house and she wanted to install radiant heated floors. I was honored when she asked me to help her look at places and between the two of us, we found this beautiful home that would be perfect with radiant heated floors and a smart thermostat. With all that spending time with each other, we kind of developed a thing and we started a relationship. Now I want to ask her to marry me.

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