Thermostat “cool on” blinking, more than a problem with the thermostat.

Once he arrived, he came in and stated that the thermostat just needed to be replaced

January in the Southeast is usually cool and mild, but this year we’ve had unseasonably hot and humid weather. Unfortunately I’ve had to shut up my home and reluctantly turn on my air conditioning in order to cool myself and my family off. I noticed one night that the thermostat had the “Cool On” light constantly blinking, and the air was not kicking on the way that it was supposed to. I rent my home, so I immediately reached out to my landlord to let him know that there seemed to be a problem with the air conditioning. He hasn’t been the most responsive during problems in the past, so I was really hoping that he would get back to me in a timely fashion. Finally I got a call back from him the next day asking what exactly was going on, and I told him what I was seeing on the thermostat and the fact that the air was not working properly; the temperature on the thermostat was set to 73 and the actual temperature in the house was reading as 77. Of course his first “solution” to the issue was to replace the batteries in the thermostat, to which I replied that I had already done that. He then said he would come out to the house later in the day to take a look at everything. Once he arrived, he came in and stated that the thermostat just needed to be replaced. I exhaustedly tried to explain that I had already run through any and all potential issues that could have been related to the thermostat, and that the issue was greater than that. Eventually we agreed on bringing out the HVAC company for further assistance.

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