There is no time to wait for a repair

Repairs are part of owning a house, condo, or cabin.

  • Repairs like leaking faucets and dripping pipes can be relatively inexpensive.

Changing a ceiling fan or paying for drywall repairs are also small repairs that any average homeowner can perform without professional assistance. One household job that should be performed by a professional is working on the HVAC equipment. This is the type of repair that should be performed by a certified and insured profession. Even though HVAC equipment repairs can be expensive, they should be performed in a timely manner. There is very little time to wait, because a lot of additional damage can be caused when the HVAC equipment is not working properly. When my family and I came home from a soccer game last Saturday, we saw some water on the outside of our air conditioner. I immediately opened up the closet door and saw that the air conditioner was frozen. The indoor air temperature was a bit warm, but it didn’t seem like the problem occurred too long ago. I turned off the air conditioner and let the equipment dry out completely. I used some towels to stop up all the water. I removed all of the wet padding under the carpet and used a fan to dry everything. It took three days, but I didn’t mind at all. I found all of the information online and that included videos and step by step instructions. As soon as the air conditioner was thawed out, it was working perfectly once again. I’m not sure why the problem occurred, but I’m glad it wasn’t easy fix.
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