There are several cold spots in my mom’s house

My mom has been calling me lately to complain about the cooling system in her house.

She doesn’t ever want to handle anything herself.

Sometimes it seems like she’s scared to call people on the phone or something. I told her that it’s really not that big of a problem to call up the local HVAC company and make an appointment to have them come and check out her cooling system. She acts like she’s helpless sometimes and it’s really annoying to me. I think part of it is that she’s just lazy and she wants someone else to do everything for her. I have four kids, and so I honestly have enough to do for myself! I know that sounds terrible, but you would have to know my mom to realize why I get so mad about it sometimes. Anyway, she keeps saying that there is something wrong with her air conditioning system or with her ventilation system. It’s like she thinks that I’m a certified HVAC technician or something, but I don’t know a thing about her heating and cooling system. She says that there are cold spots in her living room and her bedroom, but from what I’ve read, cold spots usually have something to do with your ventilation ducts. I don’t have a clue about anything like that. I finally told her that I would make an appointment with her HVAC company for her, because I know that what she really wants is for someone else to handle everything for her. It really does drive me crazy.

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