The time my uncle fixed the AC on a rock band’s tour bus

My Uncle Pedro is quite the character, and no matter what the gathering is, he is bound to be the center of it.

He is what they call a free spirit, the life of every party, but he always leaves the party alone — by choice.

Pedro has always been a bachelor, always done his own thing and never wanted to be tied down to anything or anyone. He loves his family dearly, but in between our family events we may not see him for weeks or months. He always has the best stories, my favorite being the one where he fixed the air conditioning on the tour bus for rock group AC/DC. At the time Uncle Pedro was the guy who did on-call service and after hours HVAC emergencies for the company, which was a job most people hated. Pedro loved it though, he kept odd hours anyway, and always said the people who had AC problems in the middle of the night were his kind of people. Even though he was a wild and crazy guy, he never thought that his HVAC tech job would end up putting him on the tour bus for one of the world’s all time greatest rock bands. It was three in the morning, and I’m sure Bob was half drunk at the time, but he went in and fixed up the HVAC system on the bus in about an hour. He said the band was really cool, and he tried to get them to hire him on as the official HVAC tech for the band.

HVAC tech

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