The thermostat in our rental was in a strange location

Me plus our family rented a dwelling for the Summer right on the beach this past year.

It was a single one of those particularly charming beach dwellings… The price was pretty wonderful to have a 3 month Summer lease.

The group of us had never done anything like this in the past! So this was a first time thing. The thing that was particularly crazy was when all of us first moved in all of us could not locate the temperature control to control the central heating plus air conditioner appliance they had! They had a modern central heating plus air conditioner appliance that even had a whole house air purification appliance in it. It was easily top of the line! But the gosh darn temperature control was certainly nowhere to be found! The group of us knew it obviously had to be somewhere in this nice sized beach dwelling… After an hour of messing with this all of us had no other choice but to call the property management business all of us rented it from to ask where the temperature control appliance was. They laughed plus said they knew they would be getting a call about this because they do every time somebody rents this site. It turns out the temperature control was installed a bit differently plus it was in the closet in the hallway! They went on to explain that the reason they had to put the temperature control there was because of how the central heating plus air conditioner appliance was installed. It all had to do with the general layout of the dwelling. Finally, we got the central HVAC appliance working plus we tried out the whole dwelling air purification system. Everything was all good!



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