The memories of my childhood

As a child I grew up in the southern areas of the United States.

I lived in a small little residence in the suburbs with my parents plus younger sibling… The weather conditions in the South was rather unusual compared to up north, where I heard stories of cars that would slide on ice that had formed on the roads plus of other children building snow forts.

I was born up north but my parents seeking warmer weather, made the choice to move down south to escape the cold. My childhood is filled with fond memories of constantly looking forward to getting out of school for Summer vacation plus running around the city in the woods in the warm Summer weather. If you ventured far enough into the woods around the city there was a little creek that flowed through plus I really loved to visit it every day. Summer was enjoyable no doubt but sometimes things didn’t constantly go as planned. On those days, the a/c machine would stop working plus everybody would be forced to face the wrath of the Summer heat. Windows had to be opened plus fans were put in them to let in the cool air. It didn’t experience problems all that often but when it did our parents made the call to get an HVAC repairman out here as soon as possible to repair it. Us youngsters would whine and complain, plus sleeping was especially hard. You would sweat plus the clothes you wore would stick to your skin. Being overheated plus sweaty made myself and others truly appreciate the beautiful cooling technology of the a/c machine plus we seriously had trouble believing a world once existed without it. Thankfully for us, the a/c machine was never broken for long plus once it was fixed the people I was with and I could once again have good times in the warm Summer outdoors plus cool air of the indoors.

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