The living room was so cold

Once we sold our lake house, Tammy and I had to transport into a temporary rental until the dream house was found.

Tammy and I had plans on building our dream house on a beautiful piece of property.

But, it was going to take awhile to have the money and find that magical piece of land that was just perfect for our wants and needs. Tammy and I weren’t expecting to sell our lake house so quick, which is why we had transport into an apartment. After moving in, Tammy plus I realized that our living room was freezing cold. It was significantly less warm than the rest of the house. Why was this? We could set the thermostat to 77 degrees before bed, but the living room area was always freezing cold. Watching TV was better left for in the bedroom rather than living room. There was heat coming out of the air vents, however it wasn’t staying in the living room at all. Both of us asked our landlord if he could hire a Heating and Air Conditioning professional to come check out our heating plus air system. Thankfully, he agreed! The Heating and Air Conditioning professional came to our home plus did a full check up on our Heating and Air Conditioning system. Why was the living room so cold? The man told us a few reasons. First, the windows weren’t sealed properly, causing all the hot air to escape as soon as it left the heater. Second, the air vent was so clogged with dust that the heating was having trouble getting into the living area.
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