The last thing I could have expected to find in my air handler was a nest of ants

I try to be meticulous with my housekeeping. Sundays are my time of the week when I comb over my house to dust, mop, vacuum, and organize my junk. It gives me a chance to clear clutter that has collected around my house during the week. At least once monthly, I try to wash my windows inside and out. This can be a particularly long task if I wash them all in a single day. Last week, I decided to get my powerwasher out to clean my driveway and the molded siding on my home’s exterior. It’s fulfilling watching the dirt and grime blast away like butter as I point the nozzle of the power washer at the affected areas. I try to keep the house and driveway power washed at least twice a year. This is also the same interval I use for roof cleanings, where I climb up and sweep and blast away any leaves, pine needles, or dirt accumulating on the top of my roof. Another chore I try to do on regular occasions is wiping out the inside of my air handler to remove any mold or microbial growth over regular daily use. If I am diligent with keeping everything clean, I often find nothing to wipe away or sanitize when I remove the front plate to the air handler. This time, on the other hand, I found something I could have never imagined to find in an air handler in a million years. I found a nest of black ants near my evaporator coil. I had to call my HVAC supplier to have them safely remove the ants without damaging the air conditioner. If I had simply jumped in there with insecticides and poisons, I could have unknowingly damaged my air conditioner.
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