The HVAC technician at the school saved the day

After a few hours, all of the students were glad when the air conditioners came on again

If you attend a school in the South, then you realize how important it is that the air conditioners are working in every room. During the beginning of the school year, the classrooms are each very warm because of the heat in the South. Sometimes, it feels like the seats that we are sitting on are scorching hot because of the sun shining on them. During this time, there are multiple air conditioners that are running in each room to make sure that all of us students are comfortable. If you understand children at all, then you are aware that when the air conditioner isn’t running and people are uncomfortable, that is a recipe for complete disaster. During the second week of school, such a disaster occurred. The air conditioners that were in our wing of the school stopped working, and every classroom became uncomfortable. All of the students were complaining about the heat, and they were all asking the teacher to turn on the air conditioner. Although they couldn’t comprehend that air conditioners couldn’t be fixed quickly, they still wanted it fixed immediately. The principal promised to have HVAC technicians come as soon as possible. After a few hours, all of the students were glad when the air conditioners came on again. Apparently, every HVAC technician in the HVAC company drove out and worked on our air conditioners. They saved the day! Of course, I am sure that it was a very profitable day for that HVAC company. Imagine having to fix all of those HVAC units all at once for a higher price.



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