Taking up Collections to Replace the HVAC in Our Church

About twelve years ago, I stepped foot into my church because the other one I was attending was inconvenient in some way. I have never left. This church is my second home, and I truly love it. Because of that, I do my best to help take care of it. Once a month, I take care of purchasing and arranging the church flowers. Every so often, I help clean or put on an event. REgularly, when asked, I donate money to certain causes to improve the church. Most recently, that has meant giving to the collections we are taking up to buy a new HVAC system for the church. Now, our parish has three buildings. We have the church itself, the adjacent social hall, and the rectory where the pastor lives. We have to take care of all three of these buildings, so there is always something that has to be done. This time, the HVAC system is for the church itself. The social hall, which includes classrooms, has several smaller mini-split ductless air conditioners. I love them! They can be used only in the one area without having to use central heating or cooling just to use one room. The rectory has central heating and cooling, which is simple to operate and pretty reliable. The church itself has a separate furnace and air conditioning. The furnace is an oil furnace, and quite frankly, the oil is expensive, so I am glad we don’t have to buy it too often. We live in the south, so a/c is much more needed than a heater. Anyway, hopefully, we will soon have enough money to get a new HVAC system!

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