Taking energy saving measures to reduce heating & cooling costs

I live in the northeastern section of the country, in an section that is well-known for the long and brutal Winter time weather, and every one of us are accustomed to six to more than seven weeks of snow and cold.

Temperatures well below frigid are the norm and the people I was with and I aren’t shocked when the outdoor temperature drops into the setback digits.

Every one of us spend a lot of time shoveling snow and a lot of money on heating bills… Although our summers are often brief, the weather is usually sizzling and humid. While a central cooling system isn’t a necessity, it’s honestly nice to have. My house is equipped with a forced air gas oil furnace and central air conditioner that utilizes air duct. The heating and cooling system are less than numerous years old and quite energy efficient. The oil furnace achieves up to 98% AFUE and the air conditioner is rated at 26 SEER. The system is designed with flexible speed technology which allows it to operate at lower capacity for longer cycles. This promotes more consistent comfort, lower sound levels and incredible cost savings. However, I’m still not cheerful about the yearly cost of heating and cooling. I take every possible step to reduce demands on the oil furnace and air conditioner. I don’t want the heated or cooled air leaking out through holes in the air duct, gaps under exterior doors or loose window frames. I hire a licensed HVAC corporation to check out the integrity of the duct system every couple of years. If there’s leaks at the seams, holes or a buildup of debris, it’s resolved with duct sealing or cleaning. Every year, I go around and add any necessary caulk around the windows and weatherstripping to the doors. I am diligent about cleaning air filters and have enrolled in a repair program with an HVAC company.


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