Sometimes I don’t know if I can stay married to my husband for much longer

Everyone knows that being married can be really hard, but I don’t know if this is what I signed up for or not.

My husband Russ decided to change jobs last year and ever since then, our life has been much more difficult.

When we first got married, Russ had a regular job with regular hours. He was gone during the day and he was home at night. He hardly ever had to work extra hours and he never worked late at night or in the middle of the night. But last year, Russ decided to quit the job he had when we first got married and go back to school. He wanted to take HVAC classes at our local technical school and start working at one of our local heating and cooling companies. Of course, Russ is a smart guy and he breezed right through all of the heating, cooling, and ventilation classes at the technical school. He passed all of his tests and got certified as an HVAC technician right away. He’s also very personable and he had his choice of which heating and cooling companies he wanted to go to work for. Unfortunately for me, the HVAC company that he chose ended up wanting him to work nights and weekends. I don’t really have a problem with him working on some nights, but the problem is that they always want Russ to be on call for furnace and air conditioning emergencies that come up. It’s become a real problem for us. We don’t communicate at all anymore, and when he is home he’s sleeping. I think he’s going to have to change companies, careers, or wives!

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