Something is going on with my A/C appliance

I made the horrible mistake of buying a used air conditioner appliance a few years ago.

I mean, I believe it wasn’t that awful of a choice.

I have gotten a few good years out of it… A few evenings ago, I noticed that it started making some pretty strange noises. They were actually loud screeching noises, however they were not consistent. They just happened every so often. They were loud enough to wake myself and others up out of sleep though! Let’s just say that I did not sleep honestly well for a little while now. I don’t have any clue why the air conditioner appliance is all of a sudden making such loud noises. I also noticed that it is not putting off as much air as it was before. It used to blow entirely well, however now, it hardly blows any air whatsoever. At least the air that it is blowing is absolutely cold. It genuinely does not have any serious complications with cooling just with the amount of air that happens to be blowing out. I don’t actually mind the fact that it isn’t blowing much because it still cools my room down just fine. The thing that I am most nervous about is the fact that it is making terribly loud sounds. It interrupts my sleep on a regular basis, and I simply can’t deal with that. I actually just need to buy a whole new air conditioner appliance. I am currently in college though, so I am basically broke, and I don’t want to spend currency that I don’t have to spend. It is a moral dilemma in my life at this moment.


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