Running a cleaning company was more challenging than expected

My brother and I had always thought people who worked for cleaning companies made cash that was easy. My father never made complaints about the dwellings he cleaned, and he often commented on the tips he acquired. Father would talk about how the people treated him, something like a member. They would offer their help and even have him rest and enjoy a meal with them. I didn’t realize my father worked for himself and not for a cleaning dealer. With all of this in mind, my brother and I were thinking we could easily start our own cleaning dealer. Both of us could actually hire all the cleaning staff and let them keep their tips. Both of us would make a good amount of money by charging our patrons twice what we were paying our cleaners. Both of us never really thought that we had to buy the components and supplies for the cleaning dealer. Both of us didn’t wonder what would happen if we had cleaners that chose not to come in due to sickness. As the owner of the cleaning dealer, we honestly thought we would do the books and never work. This didn’t work out this way either. Both of us were now working a great deal harder than we had in the past. Once we paid wages, taxes, and corporation expenses, the two of us barely made minimum for ourselves. Both of us didn’t put a huge amount of thought into our cleaning dealer. Had we done all of the legwork that was necessary, we would be asking way more from our patrons than just the minimum amount. Now, we easily understand why we were getting so many patrons. Both of us were charging approximately half of what other cleaning companies charge.



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