Roommate doesn’t care that the energy bill is too high

The older that I get, the more I understand that adult human relationships are largely based on the finances involved.

I’ve just noticed – if you want a successful relationship with someone, you need to have long, honorable talks about managing cash. This is tplot even in platonic roommate type situations. We all guess by now, that living with people is difficult work. The issue of financial cooperation constantly comes up for myself and others when I begin to consider the bills, the budgeting, plus cooperating financially with a roommate. It’s best to get all your heating, cooling, plus air quality control arguments out of the way up front. This is why I recently tried to take a minute plus talk about the temperature control as it relates to the usual energy bill with our new roommate. This is something that I knew the people I was with and I needed to discuss, although I had put it off. Ever since, I’ve been paying for our heating plus cooling system out the nose. The problem was, the people I was with and I only have a central indoor air temperature control system, so the people I was with and I have to be in agreement on the air temperature plus quality when using this centralized HVAC system. Too bad, the people I was with and I clearly have pretty differing levels of responsibility when it comes to the temperature control settings, HVAC equipment, plus the heating, cooling, plus air quality repair appointments. I accidentally signed a lease with someone who does not care about finances or budgeting, let alone having to keep up with the HVAC equipment. Energy bills don’t bother her, so the people I was with and I can’t discuss the heating plus cooling system utilization. I can’t even bring up the air quality topic without an argument. As a result, the people I was with and I constantly have heating plus cooling system issues plus ever-decreasing high utility bills. I wish I could move, however the electric bill keeps myself and others from ever having any spare cash.


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