Renovating to make my beach house more accessible.

Following a tragic automobile accident my father was confined to a wheelchair, then he spent nearly several weeks in the hospital plus then a 3-month stay at a rehabilitation center before he was ready to come home, and all the while while I was in his recovery we sat down plus realize that we needed to make some major variations at our home! Even though my brothers plus I are call grown numerous of us still live at house with our parents plus at least we were able to do much of the work ourselves! Both of us knew that we would need to add a handicapped entrance to the beach house and widen numerous of the door frames so that Mom could get around easily. This meant that we would be opening up numerous of the wall sections plus trying to make the beach house have a more open floor plan. The largest issue that we faced was moving the HVAC duct that ran through the walls plus relocating numerous of the air vents for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. Our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C contractor came in plus genuinely suggested that we look into radiant flooring instead of forced air to heat the beach house because this would eliminate the HVAC duct plus air vents all together. This seems love a viable solution so we made arrangements to have that installed plus then converted to using mini cut units for a/c that could hang on the walls. Both of these were appealing ideas plus really freed up the space that we needed to ensure there would be no obstructions in Mom’s way once he was settled back home. Making the beach house more accessible was what was important plus we are undoubtedly gratified with these variations.


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