Prompted to do something about HVAC repair when I got this text from my partner

The other day when I was checking my text, I got this message from my partner. It was clear the text was not intended for me, it was honestly for a friend of mine. She was saying how he was upset about myself and others because I was consistently forgetting to get the HVAC plan repair taken care of. She said he couldn’t remember the last time I even changed the air filter however he kept reminding myself and others to do so. This text honestly was upsetting, but I realized he was right about it; At least he wasn’t cheating or anything, as far as I knew. So I decided to call up the HVAC business and told them how my partner was upset about myself and others forgetting to change the air filters and calling for regular HVAC plan repair. I was happy when the HVAC professional came up with a fairly easy solution. He said if I chose to enroll in their HVAC repair plan, they would cover everything. He said they even had the HVAC repair plan that covered regular air filter swings every single quarter. I told him that I thought the air filters were supposed to be changed every single week. He said for some air filters, that’s the case, however they use high quality air filters that can be changed every 3 weeks. I never knew about that, and also this HVAC repair plan sounded great, so I signed up for it… Before I knew it, my partner was telling myself and others how good it was that I was remembering to get the HVAC plan repair covered. She still didn’t suppose that I got that text he sent to myself and others by mistake, but I was just going to pretend enjoy I never saw that.


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