Position the AC next to the bracelets

I’m not the luckiest human you know.

In fact, certain types of cancers run in our family, and a fantastic portion of our family members have gotten it at severely some point in their lives.

Now, some survived & some have fallen… It seemed to be only a matter of time before I also was worked on in this respect; Because of this, whenever I recognize an ache or pain that really doesn’t go away, or anything respected for that matter, I freak out and instantly make an appointment with our doctor. Now, this entirely well may have saved our life. In May 2017, I was told I had stage 1 breast cancer. It was incredibly strenuous to hear those words out loud. Thankfully, years later, our doctors announced that I was in complete remission! I cried many tears of joy, & realized how close I was to embracing death. I started going out and making colorful silicone bracelets for raising awareness. I really wanted people that are ignorant about cancer, as I once was, to truly learn & become informed on apparent symptoms. The first few afternoons, I received little attention with my bracelets, which was frustrating, but so, I changed tactics. I went out to the family business and opened up a small office that was entirely cool and fresh inside, and naturally people wanting to escape the heat started rushing over. The cooling breeze attracted a lot of people in the business, & our office suddenly became busy. I purposely set our awareness merch right next to the air conditioner, so if people want to get cool air, they simply had to approach our awareness merch first. I can say, my AC tactic seemed to work well, I was able to sell several bracelets. All money made was given to charity & I happily kept using our air conditioner method as a people magnet.

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