Our furnace tore up at church and it’s been so cold in there for the past two weeks

For the past two weeks, we’ve been having some major heating issues at our church.

The building is really big, and so we have to have zone control heating and air conditioning in the church.

Usually there are no issues with our furnace, and the heating at church during the wintertime is usually just right. I love coming into the cozy church building from the freezing cold temperatures outside on Sunday mornings. But for the past two weeks, there have been some serious issues with our furnace at the church. It’s been super cold in there and for some reason, the commercial HVAC company that we use couldn’t get there during the first week to get the furnace fixed. I don’t know if the heating and cooling company was closed down for vacation or what was going on. But the furnace wasn’t working, and it has been really uncomfortable as far as the cold temperature goes. I talked to the building manager at church this morning and asked him what was going on with the whole furnace repair situation. He explained that the HVAC company had been closed down for inventory and repairs to their trucks. I thought that sounded crazy. I told him that if they didn’t get out to the church and fix the heating first thing this week, then maybe we should hire ourselves a new commercial HVAC company! He said that it would be difficult to fire the existing HVAC company because the owner of the company was the pastor’s son. Now it all makes sense to me!


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